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Stay Strong I promise its worth it

 users against bullying

This is an anti-bullying blog. We don't believe in bullying for anyone. Every person is a person and they deserve to be treated with kindness.
We're here to help anyone that needs help in anyway.
If you'd like to submit your bullying story please put it in our ask box . I promise one of our moderators will get to it as soon as possible.
If you'd like to submit a video standing up against bullying or again telling your story please put it in our submit box we'd love to hear from others.
Stay strong I promise its worth it, one day you're gonna be happy and you're gonna know just how beautiful you are. If you need anything don't be afraid to ask us in our ask box. just ask us not to post it.
Hopefully we can help someone with this. :3
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sorry we haven’t been posting lately we had a bit of a falling out between a couple of the moderators here,

but we’ll be back up adn running again soon! :3

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I am bullied currently, I have talked to my teachers and my principal they told me they cant do anything unless they see it. what do I do? I was acutally grabbed by security for standing up for myself....

well if they can’t do anything unless they see it? Stand up for yourself, Think about it. The security has to see it if u do something, If you say something, rightt? They can’t lie about that or they can lose their job. If u feel the need to stand up whether securities there or not. U do it :3. If not avoid it. and I know thats not easy usually but if thats what you really feel like you need. Find a way to do it. :3 

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Thank you. :) ♥ is it possible i can put your tumblr page on my post? I will go off annon. before I do to. your page will help a lot of people too. i hope my followers will look here too if their ever bullied.


Feel free :3 

I’m glad we can help :3

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I'm currently writing an against bullying piece on my page. I'm also handing it in to my school. Bullying is a strong topic these days. I've been bullied so many times and you have no idea how much by reading all your posts, I've started to tear. Your blog makes me happy, from remembering all the things bullies have done to me. Thanks :) ♥

I’m glad it makes you happy. You deserve nothing but too be happy <3 

and they’re really stupid for even saying anything about you its obvious you’re a very beautiful person.

Its our please C; <3

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